The Angel and the Devil

May 09, 2010

The mind is a dangerous place. It can make a hell of a difference. Ironically, it is not far from the truth. It is in the nature of humans that when we get the power we desired, we do not know what to do with that. It is then that we start doing wrong things.

We were once humans. Looking at the violence, carnage, slaughter and mayhem caused by us today, we can hardly relate ourselves to the primitive peaceful human beings. The human is swiftly fading in us. The classical belief about the Satan being in Hell and the gods in Heaven are just superstitions to me. I think that in each and every one of us lives the Devil and the Angel. The question is whom we allow to take control of us. It is the Devil or the evil spirit in us provokes us with great force to take revenge, be jealous, and resort to violence. The Angel, seemingly less strong in most cases, needs the support of the mind to manifest itself in us. In other words, we have to be courageous and be able to control and restrict ourselves from what we believe to be bad to let the Angel mark itself on us, which is absolutely not an easy thing to do. Most people are unable to exercise such sturdy control over their emotions and their minds and thus seeing the advantage, the Devil shows the easier path. But we rarely know then, that there is a difference between what is right and what is easy. That is what the Angel tries to tell us. What the Devil does is to win our confidence in helping us with trifle matters, and then betray us “in deepest consequence”. Thus, the devil manifests itself in more number of people than the Angel. Those possessed by the Devil are unfortunately more in number. Such people are not only a threat to the whole human race but the whole planet also owing to the latest weapons in wrong hands. We tend to forget that this planet, being a gift of God, is not only for us but also for every living organism on the face of the Earth.

The evil spirit in us eventually takes control and prevents us from listening to our hearts and trying to fulfill our heart’s desire. It initially seems that we are doing what we want and that we are in sitting on the driving seat with his help. We also feel good and strong as we let the Devil slowly form a symbiotic relationship with us. These symbiotic relationships once bound are very hard to unbind. Slowly, this symbiotic relation turns one sided even without our knowing it. Then the Devil in us reveals its true colors and we become none but slaves to the Dark Lord residing in us. This is analogous to the classical belief that the devil will go to some damned soul and show that person a contract, which originally seems perfect and the person signing it feels that there is nothing he can lose by signing such a contract. But in the end he finds that by making the small mistake of signing a pact with the Devil, he has sold his soul to him and for him awaits Hell and eternal damnation. No amount of pleading will help in changing the facts because the one thing the Devil lacks completely is mercy.

It is only our mind that is divided into the Devil and the Angel. There are a few ways in keeping away from the Devil. Firstly and most importantly it is love that can save us from our doom. Secondly if we are able to keep our minds occupied with good things, the Devil will not get a chance to implement its wrath. And lastly, we must never lose control of our minds. The mind is a dangerous place. It can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven.