Analysis of Spam on Twitter

Analysis of trust on Twitter: A research project to analyse who can be trusted on Twitter. Done during the two years of the MS. The first two stages of the project have been completed. For details, click here for the project report. To collect crawl Twitter and collect data, I used Twitter's REST APIs and Streaming APIs from a python wrapper. Handling the huge amount of data and a new measure of trust required very specialized algorithms that could work on the disk and quantitatively estimate the subjective notion of trust.

Pet Projects

A Java project to solve the combinatorial problem of finding all shapes formed by a set of given line segments in a 2D space. Repository for the project.

A web-application written in Python for accessing one's Gmail account and showing statistics about emails in their Gmail inbox. Repository for the project.

SXC-CMS: A web application aimed at maintaining the St Xavier's College's non-academic credits using PHP framework CodeIgniter and CSS framework Twitter - Bootstrap. Repository for the project. More details.

Alienvation: Developing a GUI game using Java Swing in which a player controls spaceships and fights against aliens. Repository for the project.

A web-based social learning environment Edusoc for teaching and learning over the Internet. Aimed at using dynamics of social networking to promote educational activities, especially in developing countries like India. More details.

JChirp: A Java library to access the Twitter REST and Streaming APIs, with implementation of OAuth authentication protocol. Development team of two members. Repository for the project.

Other Projects

I have worked in a two-member team on a project to schedule virtual machines in a simulated datacenter, based on different criteria like energy consumption, SLA violations, migrations, affinity etc. We used Java and CloudSim framework. Repository for the project.

I developed an African game called Oware using Minimax and AlphaBeta Pruning algorithms in Java. The program played against human players. Repository for the project.

Implementation of the security protocol Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) in Java for authentication in a point-to-point socket-based connection. Repository for the project.

A simple web interface to display any RSS feed in Python, with provision to directly deploy on Elastic Beanstalk. Repository for the project.

Developed an Android app for a distributed traffic lighting system for pedestrians to be able to request for crossing a road using the app. Safety and liveness conditions were proved using NuSMV. Repository for the project.

A Java project to simulate an environment with independent agents moving in the environment and communicating with each other independently, and forming groups. Repository for the project.

A 5-member group project that would take theoretical models of computation like Petri Nets and Synchronous Dataflow Graphs, and produce runnable code in Java/C/OpenMPI. Eclipse modeling framework (EMF) was used for the functionalities and was then implemented as an Eclipse plugin. Repository for the project. More details.

I worked on a Java cryptography project to implement key exchange, digital signatures and certificates.

Image processing project to derive a mathematical function for an optimal edge detector and them implementing in Matlab for edge detection images. Repository for the project.

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